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Speedy Tuesday - There exists a Think about the New Ceramic Speedmaster CollectionOmega introduced the Bad side from the Moon in 2013 and a year later, the Grey Side in the Moon was shown to people over the BaselWorld exhibition. The Bad side from the Moon has become extremely successful to Omega at the moment. Cause for Omega to introduce a couple of more ceramic Speedmaster replica watches in 2015. Look at the brand new ceramic Speedmaster collection in this week's Speedy Tuesday article and browse some of my thoughts about these replica watches.I know of them twice now, in BaselWorld certainly, but additionally throughout the Speedmaster Event in Houston and a preview for the Omega Boutique in Cannes where I'd been a couple of weeks ago. So frequently enough (with a bit of quantity of between) to produce an impression on these ceramic Speedmaster replica watches.Some history on the ceramic Speedmaster replica watchesBut i want to begin with the primary Down side of the Moon (the following is our report on the Negative side in the Moon), the watch that was introduced in 2013. There's something strange with this watch to start with. I remarked that it will be the first Omega that got people drawn to this brand, individuals who normally aren't attracted by Omega replica watches for whatever reason. Additionally it is popular with individuals who normally think only vintage Omega (Speedmaster) replica watches matter. Probably the latter audience is difficult to convince as opposed to first one for sale rolex watches . Besides those two groups, you will discover certainly the Speedmaster fans and watch fans on the whole that merely find it irresistible for what it can be: a ceramic cased watch using an in-house chronograph movement determined by just about the most historical chronographs on the market. Omega hit the right spot with the Bad side with the Moon.In 2014, Omega introduced the ceramic Speedmaster Grey Side with the Moon. A fascinating variant of the Dark Side with the Moon, having a different color casing (according to white ceramics) sufficient reason for a leather strap as opposed to the coated nylon strap. Omega made a little bit of the Rolex Daytona effect by using these models. People a hard time choosing between the two options like with the steel Daytona, black dial or white dial.2015: Introduction of 5 new ceramic Speedmaster modelsLast BaselWorld, Omega showed us their 4 new ceramic Speedmaster Bad side with the Moon models along with their White Side in the Moon model. The White Side in the Moon confused me by far the most, prehaps you are not surprised. I most certainly will return to that particular later. The modern Dark Side of the Moon replica watches are 4 new editions, based on the replica patek philippe original 2013 Disadvantage from the Moon. These technical details are all alike: they've got this Omega Co-Axial Caliber 9300 chronograph movement inside as well as a ceramic 44.24mm case. The differences between these 4 new ceramic Speedmasters have been in the shades, dial, bezel and straps. Let's have a look at them, one-by-one.Speedmaster Black Black (reference 311. Possibly the Dark Side model that actually does justice to the name of the collection. The Black Black model has a matte black dial and blackened hands and hour markers. The printing for the dial and date disc can also be blackened, rendering it a really 'dark' timepiece (which was the reasoning). I have seen similar concept to brands and possess to admit that i'm definitely not into this sort of watch. Although you can read any time on your phone, laptop, church clock or whatever, your watch shouldn't allow it to be too tough to see the time. The ceramic Speedmaster Dark Side with the Moon Black Black features a list price of 鈧?0,600 Euro. This model turns on a coated nylon strap with folding clasp.Speedmaster Pitch Black (311.92.44. replica vintage wristwatches 51 .01.004) At first glance, you could think it's the regular Negative side with the Moon model. However, it's not. The Pitch Black model lacks a certain amount of (red) color and contains been excessively applied with Super LumiNova, such as writing for the dial and tachymeter scale about the bezel. A very readable watch beyond doubt, but it really does lack a bit of contrast i believe, in comparison to the original Speedmaster Bad side of the Moon. The greater choice many people have, better in relation to selling replica watches I guess, however wonder whether this Pitch Black model really is important compared to the 2013 Bad side in the Moon. Perhaps in the event the 2013 model can be taken out of production, this Pitch Black model could be viewed as its successor. The list tariff of the ceramic Speedmaster Pitch Black reference can also be 鈧?10,600 Euro. The Pitch Black turns on a calf leather strap with ecru stitching and a folding clasp.Speedmaster Vintage Black (311. The ceramic Speedmaster Vintage Black was one that received a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" if it was proven to us among others with the different events mentioned earlier. The faux patina around the blackened hands, dial, bezel, date disc as well as crown could sound as being a bit "too much", but also in the flesh this is a handsome watch also it didn't bother myself. I love Omega's choice for the strap, a bit of a rough structured vintage leather that perfectly suits the watch and makes me want it to be in 20mm for my Speedmaster Professional. Ultimately, in spite of the vintage aesthetics, I guess Omega targets those who love to have a sophisticated (ceramic) watch with in-house chronograph movement, date feature, sapphire crystal and so on, though with a well used appearance. My business is pretty convinced that vintage individuals will either select an actual vintage Speedmaster or possibly a super modern variant like on the list of other models in this particular overview. I love the Vintage Black a whole lot, rubbish, but also in the final it would not be my pick. This ceramic Speedmaster Vintage Black watch boasts a 鈧?10,600 Euro retail price.Speedmaster Sedna Black (311. I will tell you the reality without delay: This might be my pick. Although initially (on the news release Omega sent us under embargo), I wondered whether this Sedna Black version will be my least favorite model while i couldn't match the application of gold on this sort of 'stealth' timepiece. However, upon seeing it inside flesh, I immediately decided it's my favorite Negative side in the Moon type of the newest 2015 releases. The bezel Sedna gold bezel jogs my memory on the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 45th Anniversary model that Omega demonstrated a year ago. A watch that I love from your traditional 'Moonwatch', despite being totally different from everything else as collection. The ceramic Speedmaster Sedna Black also used 18 carat Sedna gold hands, hour markers and in many cases the print for the date disc is a gold color. The matt grey dial continues to be addressed with their laser ablation technique, inducing the nice effect of the markers and Speedmaster logo and writing. The Sedna Black also uses the faux patina for everything Super LumiNova. The ceramic Speedmaster Sedna Black is easily the most expensive one of those 4 new Negative side on the Moon models, which has a retail price of 鈧?12,300 Euro. This watch is delivered on an alligator strap and brushed ceramic folding clasp.White Side from the Moon (311. My business is displaying here the diamond studded version, which is actually White Side on the Moon reference 311. (retail price 鈧?21,200 Euro rather than the 鈧?10,600 Euro with the ceramic bezel version). In the two caser though, I thought this watch could be meant to be a women's watch at first. Not necessarily a bad thing for females (although my wife thought they're looking a lttle bit plastic when she saw one in the flesh) these White Side on the Moon versions have course also 44.25mm in diameter. That's quite large. I rarely see women wearing replica watches over 40mm (perhaps 42mm at max) to tell the truth and many of such are in reality men's replica watches worn by women. This watch confused me, when i find these replica watches for being very masculine. Alternatively, it perhaps a case of offering choices. There may be men, perhaps in Sunnier locations compared to Netherlands, Germany or British, who are planning to wear this rapidly all-white color (not to say diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl dial).The White Side with the Moon with Mother-of-Pearl dial and diamond bezel leads me an additional model we've seen.Diamond Side from the Moon (311. Diamond Side of the Moon model just isn't part of the 4 new Down side of the Moon variations, but is simply a variation about the original Negative side with the Moon 2014 model. I thought it will be nice so it can have a mention only at least. It comes with a diamond studded bezel and diamond hour markers, all the other characters is just like the DSotM watch. The list valuation on diamonds Side from the Moon is 鈧?20,700 Euro. I assume there is a industry for these, as we've seen also diamond studded versions in the original Moonwatch. The Moonwatch Only book has a nice summary of them.What's The Verdict For the Ceramic Speedmaster ModelsMy colleague Michael Stockton expressed his worries about the new ceramic models in the following paragraphs, on the day before these people were actually proven to the public in BaselWorld. His concerns were mainly concerning the popularity of black replica watches (ceramics, DLC, PVD etc) in the long term, the diameter size (and in the longer term), the purchase price points (all inside the > 鈧?0K arena) and regardless of if the uniqueness and resale valuation on the original Negative side with the Moon will be affected.Valid questions for me, and I am unable to answer those regarding the size and employ of ceramics. The price point should indeed be greater than what folks tend (or used) to expect from Omega, however the sales with the original Disadvantage from the Moon - also retailing around 鈧?0K Euro - will be more than impressive. The usage of the in-house caliber 9300 chronograph movement and ceramics have course factors that affect the price along with perhaps also justify this price level. The distinctiveness from the Disadvantage of the Moon is affected in my opinion, although not within a negative way by itself. Easily were searching for one of those pieces, I would personally have trouble choosing relating to the DSotM, GSotM and also the Sedna Black. However the Sedna Black comes for a high price.Do you find it smart to focus on a DSotM with one of these new models to arrive October/November 2015? There won't be signs of discontinuation on the DSotM and i also hope that Omega will never stop production in the near future on these models. They want a brand new classic or 'back bone' of their ceramic Speedmaster collection, let the 2013 DSotM be that watch. It will be worth the hold back until the new ceramic Speedmaster models hit the industry though, because they might affect the resale importance of the DSotM. Individuals who would like to save some amount of money might be able to pick-up a rather used version for the attractive price. Today, there's little among a somewhat pre-owned model plus the market price of a new DSotM.The ceramic Speedmaster models are maturing all the time in my view, as Omega clearly didn't need to do each one of these investments in producing ceramic replica watches in just one DSotM and GSotM model. I expect more using ceramics within the many years to come. In that regard, it might be best if you buy an original 2013 DSotM as it might become highly collectable in the foreseeable future to be the firstly many. Being essentially a (vintage) Speedmaster 'Moonwatch' guy myself, I've got to admit that this Speedmaster Down side in the Moon is quite tricky to lift off the wrist. This is a perfect everyday watch to utilize, despite the 44.25mm size (or black ceramic case). The one wish We have to the ceramic Speedmaster replica watches (and caliber 9300 Speedmasters normally) is that Omega stops giving them a call 'Moonwatch' within their official catalogs and on their site. The influence on the Moonwatch is clearly there, yet it is not only a Moonwatch as such.A lot of the official Omega website replica rolex .